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When we mention the words tranny some people imagine this ridiculous looking guy all dressed up trying to look like a women and i guess to a certain extent that can be quite true as there is some who would more call themselves crossdressers but the word tranny is a little more powerful and i am here to tell you all about live tranny cams and what they can offer you. The difference here is these live tranny cams are real trannys who not only like to dress up and look sexy but they also love to show you just how feminine they really are. From huge big juicy tits to suck on as well as a nice big juicy cock to suck on so it really is a win win with these sexy trannys on line live now.

Transgendered   has always been a word people have been afraid to mention ie men who dress as women or men who feel they should have been born as a women and to help them they decide to do this anyway as well as take female hormones to help them with growth of hair as well as growing nice big tits for us all to get hard over. some even go the full way and have pre ops to become a fully fledged women.

On  you will come across many types of trannys from just plain cross dressers to trannys who take hormones to post op trannys the variety on these live tranny cam sites is huge. You only have to browse the hundreds of live tranny webcams online at any one time to see just how different they all are. Some can surprise me sometimes as it can be very hard to tell they were indeed actually male at some point.i often think of the old story of the “tranny surprise” and it has been one of my biggest fantasies for many years . I would just love a tranny surprise, i think that is many guys deepest fantasy especially those bi curious guys who still love tits but also crave some big cocks to suck on as well . At live tranny cams you get it all the best of both worlds is just waiting for you right now. Just click  your mouse a few times and you will be inside a horny tranny cams cam chat room and she will be so excited some of them will make you wonder is she really a tranny? but once you take that sexy tranny to live chat you will soon find out just how real she really is when she pops out that huge cock and asks you to watch her stroke it and asks you how fast you want her to stroke it as she rubs on her juicy big tits and fucks her ass with the biggest sex toy you could ever imagine so sit back relax and enjoy the show of these sexy tranny cam chats all live uncensored 100% real tranny cam chats, and whats even better you dont have to leave the comfort of your own home to watch them. There is a taste for everyone from thin tranny cams, to mature tranny cams, to mistress tranny cams to bdsm tranny cams as well as black tranny cams and teen tranny cams so as you see the list is endless even fetish tranny cams . so enter a live tranny cam chat now and get naughty with the sexiest , naughtiest trannies you will ever come across some of them are just so kinky and have real dirty minds so if you run out of things to say to these hot ladyboys don’t worry as they wil have you covered 100%

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When ever I think about Live tranny cams I often imagine what the tranny actually thinks about me the punter behind the screen telling her what to do and how to wank her cock and rub her tits. I love it when they get very adventurous and will try different things ie using baby oil  all over there huge tits or rubbing baby oil all over their huge cocks. I imagine what it be like to be together covering each other in baby oil but of course these are just thoughts  I have about a real meet with a tranny I  chat to on webcam. I have often had the urge now to go that one step further and meet a live tranny from webcam  but I don’t think I have plucked up the courage yet and this is the beauty of live tranny cams I can watch and chat and not have the worry of my nervous getting the better of me .

Trannys on cam are like  the second most thing I do when I am online no matter how hard I try to resist visiting a tranny cam chat room I just can not help myself to check out who is online and then once I am there I get a hard and horny and its a trap. I suppose some of you will understand what I mean wanking and porn go hand and hand as does shemales and hornienss and every day the webcam chat sites I visit have listed at least another 20 or 30 new trannys it is hard to keep up as I like to check them all out and see what they have to offer. The kinkier the shemale the more addicted I become to her.


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having spent many years wondering if tranny cams was something I would love or hate I have came to the conclusion that I am addicted to watching trannys on live cam now. Every spare penny I have I am on looking to see who is online and also when I have no money I just love hanging out with them on free cam watching how they run their video chat rooms how they converse with people and how horny they make other people feel. I remember watching this one tranny cam and she was knew and she was so shy  but wow did she blow me away when I took her for a private tranny cam chat show she was not slow in whipping her sexy outfit off that I had to tell her to slow down. I prefer the tease and the build up to the live cam shows. always wondering what is underneath that tight little top and short skirt and getting excited at the little flashes off the panties so I can see the big buldge that will be revealed to me soon enough. I like enough to wet the appetite before getting the full delights. This is the beauty of trnany cams you can request this of the trannys to take things slower. I suppose for some they feel other punters rush them as they want as little time spending money as possible I am the opposite I prefer to enjoy and savour any time I spend in tranny cam premium chat areas


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